Megan, our Red Fox Labrador, went missing on February 9th 2015. My husband was mucking out the horses and the dogs were helping. When he called them in only Maisie returned. This was about 9pm. As Megan could wander and then appear at the back door a couple of hours later he thought no more of it. But Megan didn’t appear and has never been seen since that evening.

Megan has severe hip dysplasia and is spayed so is no use for breeding despite her rare colouring. She has disappeared without a trace. Despite extensive searches we have found nothing.

Maisie her little sister has ‘special needs’ and Megan reminded her when she needed to go out and what to do when she was in the garden. This has left Maisie without her special friend and helper and she has suffered greatly at the loss of Megan. To see her struggle is equally as heart breaking as losing Megan. The change in Maisie means that we lost both dogs the day Megan disappeared.

I truly believe Megan was stolen otherwise we would have evidence of a body. There is a ‘trigger happy’ farmer nearby and having seen and spoken to him he could not have shot her and he also denies ever seeing her which I believe. This means that Megan is out there somewhere, I just do not know where and will never be able to stop searching until I have do. Our lives have been turned upside down and until we have closure, no matter what it is, we are unable to rest.

We have done everything imaginably possible to find Megan and raise awareness for her. We are eternally grateful for all the help that people give. I know many people who want so much more than they already have, I just want my dog back, I want Megan home and Maisie happy.
Please study her pictures and memorise that lovely face of hers. If you have any information that can help us in our search for Megan please contact me on 07810525888

Thank you

Alison and Maisie

Our chosen Charity:

Labradors in Need is an entirely volunteer run, foster based rescue. Through our network of volunteers across mainland UK, we offer help to Labradors and their crosses. We have five trustees who coordinate different areas of rescue.

Labradors in Need is run entirely on the proceeds of fundraising. This pays for standard procedures such as neutering/ spaying and vaccinations, as well as more complicated surgery for those that need it. In addition to this, we have a number of long term foster dogs who require ongoing medical intervention/ surgical procedures that make them a special part of the LiN family.

Should you wish to know more about the Labradors in Need or wish to donate to help them please visit them at