Hansum is a Beagle cross Spaniel and lived up to his name in every way. Hansum went missing from Neath in South Wales whilst out on a walk with his brother Harry. The date was 31st May 2014, the time was 10.30am. Hansum was only two years old when he disappeared and has never been seen since.
Hansum will now be 5yrs old. I have tried everything imaginable to find him and in doing so I experience the heartache of his loss on a daily basis and have done so for over 3years. Irrespective of that fact I will never give up my search for Hansum.

“Since my boy went missing three years ago there’s not a single day that goes by when I pray that this is the day he is found. Hansum came into my life shortly after I had been through a time of depression, he taught me to smile and to love life again. I feel like my heart has been ripped out and worry about him every day. Is he safe and being loved or is he somewhere being mistreated. The thought that he is out there, somewhere, hurting and I am unable to help him after he helped me is more than I can stand.

Harry is Hansum’s little brother. Since the disappearance of Hansum, Harry’s personality has changed. He is now withdrawn and has turned into a very clingy dog. A vast change from the happy go lucky, confident dog he was whilst he had the support of his brother. He often looks very sad. In short, I lost both of my dogs the day Hansum went missing.

My dream is for them to be reunited and make both Harry and me complete again. I can barely see the screen through my tears as I am writing this.
Please keep a watchful eye out for Hansum and if you have any information at all please call 07402413441 in complete confidence.
Hansum is ginger and white with a very distinctive upside down ginger heart on his head. He is microchipped and was entire when he went missing. He is a very friendly and beautiful, kind dog.

Thank you

Julie and Harry

Our chosen Charity:

Help4Wales Foundation is an award winning community Interest company set up to support those most in need. Our main service is an animal fostering scheme Animal Safe Haven supporting victims of domestic abuse to access refuge knowing their pets are safe and once they have rebuilt their lives and are in their own home they are reunited.

We have also started support homelessness and mental health through Animal Safe Haven.


If you would like to read more about Help4Wales or make a donation to help them save as many dogs as possible then please click on the following link Help4Wales