Hugo is a small Yorkshire Terrier cross. He went missing in the Saddleworth area when he was only two years old. I will never forget the date, 22nd September 2013.

How do I begin to tell you about Hugo or about how much I miss him, that tiny dog with an enormous personality who has left a huge hole in my life.
Blimey I miss him every day, I have a picture of him beside my bed and another downstairs, that way he is always with me.
There are so many things I miss about Hugo, I miss the way he barked at the TV when another dog came on, I miss him skidding across the floor when I shouted treats, I miss the grumbling noise he made when he was half yawning, and I would do anything to see him spring in the air for his toys just one more time.

Hugo was always by my side and when I went on holiday he punished me by going on hunger strike, the little terror!
Hugo has a big heart and was always happy so long as he was with me. I spent so much time with Hugo and so have so many memories of him. I remember him stealing a ham baguette from a girl in the park and running away with it. He particularly enjoyed the additional, naughty treats he was given at the Christmas markets, even though we were eventually asked to leave as dogs were not allowed.
I guess from my words you can gather that Hugo was so much more to me than a little Yorkie cross, he was a very much, loved, part of my family, my best friend, I miss him and I need him home.

Hugo was microchipped and neutered and he will now be 6yrs old. I struggle everyday not knowing where he is or what has happened to him and can only pray that he is somewhere safe but, until I know I will never stop looking for him or asking for help in my search.
Please look at the pictures of Hugo, remember him and if you have any information about him please contact me on 07790434661.

Thank you