Meet my boy Chester. He went missing from Stratton Woods, Swindon in January 2015 and has never been seen since. Chester was almost 4yrs old when he went missing, he is microchipped and neutered. Chester is a Jack Russell x Cavalier which resulted in him having longer legs and a longer tail than you would normally see on a Jack Russell.

There is not a day that goes by when I don’t think of Chester and wonder what happened to him that day. We have never had any clear sightings or leads about him but live in hope that one day he will be found and we will be able to scoop him up and bring him home.

Chester was my first ever dog and I loved him unconditionally from the second I set eyes on him. He immediately became an important part of our family and a huge part of our lives. Chester was bright, affectionate and followed me around like my shadow.

I know he will be missing us just as much as we miss him and this breaks my heart. There is a piece missing from our family puzzle and the only piece that will ever fit is Chester!

We miss him terribly and will never give up the search. Until he is found I just have to hope that he is being loved and cared for. I will continue to talk about him and tell his story to anyone who is prepared to listen. I know that the more people who know about Chester, the more people who recognise his picture increases the possibility that one day will be our lucky day and our lovely boy will come home.

If you have any information at all regarding Chester then please contact me on 07708550637



Jess and Chester’s Family